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Our classes are competitively priced and are in a group or one on one environment!

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Silversound Songwriting

At Silversound Guitar we are always looking to facilitate learning and maximize the student’s time with music. To assist with this we offer songwriting courses. These classes are open to musicians, lyricists, music majors, music therapists and singers. Enroll if you want to take your songwriting to the next level or are new to songwriting and want to get started on the right track. Take control of your creativity! Work with an instructor that offers knowledge and experience in creating and writing. Our songwriting lessons offer what most dont in colorado springs. Check it out today!

Our classes are competitively priced and are in a group or one on one environment!

Silversound Lessons

Our custom space is not only designed to be comfortable, but also to inspire creativity. Our warm inviting atmosphere is unique for music lessons in Colorado Springs. Silversound guitar is a proud to support building community through music. We have the space for you to meet up and engage with other students and other musicians who share similar interests right here in your community.

We believe in keeping our rates affordable. To get you started we offer 30 minute lesson packs. For the student that is eager to get more done we have hour lessons available as well! In addition we offer Jam Classes exclusively for our students and exclusive online content.

What We Offer
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Professional Instructors

Our instructors are highly trained and sought after. With years of experience and also being university trained, we still haven’t forgotten our roots.

We invest in our students

To each student and each lesson, we focus on what makes them unique and what they want to learn. Sign up at Silversound Guitar and experience music lessons and performance like nothing you have ever seen!

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Come experience the most unique and engaging environment for music lessons in Colorado Springs. Join our community of musicians ready to help get you to your goals. Set up your free lesson today.

Whether you’re finally starting to track that idea you’ve always wanted to take, or getting the band in for a professional session, we are here for you.

Taught by our professional instructors we use only the highest quality video and audio while using multiple angles to give you the best session possible.