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We offer a wide variety of in-person and virtual music lessons!

Silversound Guitar – Lessons – Colorado Springs

Centrally located in Colorado Springs, Silversound Guitar offers in-person or virtual lessons unique to your interests and musical goals. Each session is personally designed to drive your progress by our experienced, professional, teachers. Never feel rushed or pushed to learn something you aren’t interested in. Come experience the most unique and engaging environment for Music lessons in Colorado Springs. We offer Audio Lessons, Bass Lessons, Drum Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Voice Lessons, Songwriting, Sound Design, Jam Classes, Creator Studio, and Band Consultations. Call today for a complimentary trial lesson!

Music Lessons in Colorado Springs

We offer guitar lessons for any style and any level of player. Let us help guide you on your guitar playing journey. Guitar lessons have always been based on learning songs, but at Silversound Guitar we offer an innovative and unique way to approach the instrument. We are classically trained and offer ways to help any level of player wanting to reach any goals. Acoustic, electric, 7, and 8 string guitars are no problem!

Bass is one of the most exciting and fastest developing instruments in music today. We offer both hour and half hour lesson packs for weekly lessons. Our Bass lessons can take you from novice to master at a pace that suits your schedule. Get ready to hone in on your bass guitar skills and let us help craft a specialized routine just for you so that you can make the gains and progress you have been wanting.

Piano lessons at Silversound Guitar help you to build the foundation of good musicianship. Our piano lessons can take you from novice to advanced through our modern teaching techniques. Piano can help lay the foundation for other instruments or music theory! Whether you are looking to excel in piano performance or just looking to grow as an all around musician we have you covered. Our custom private piano lessons are taught on traditional pianos in studio or virtual.

Drum and Percussion Lessons at Silversound are designed to maximize teaching and fun during lessons. We have two drum kits so that each students spends more time in the drum lesson learning and playing. Drums lessons at Silversound can help you progress through just starting or advanced concepts. We know that drums are the heartbeat of the band. They push forward a very specific energy that can help elevate any project. Time, dynamic contrast, phrasing, and rhythmic phrasing can help elevate your drum skills.

Looking for a contemporary approach to voice lessons and vocal training? Silversound Guitar offers voice lessons from beginner to advanced for all ages. Let us help you get prepared for that recording project, choir performance, college prep or audition.

Always wanted to pick up the ukulele? We offer ukulele lessons! Start learning in a way that is right for you. Every music lesson at Silversound gives you a specific routine that is built for your skills with maximizing your time in mind. We can take you from beginning lessons all the way through advanced. Give us a call to set up a first introductory lessons right here in Colorado springs!

Music composition has changed. Songwriting, film scoring, video game scoring and composition skills are now in high demand. Our songwriting lessons combine music theory, technology, instrumentation with the latest DAW recording software, plugins and virtual instruments. We can give you the tools to increase your creativity. Sign up today to elevate your skills with music lessons at Silversound.

Songwriting, film scoring and music composition lessons are a valuable resources for any musician. What sets us apart in Colorado Springs is our classes combine music theory and song structure with the latest in instrumentation and DAW and recording software composition tool.

Silversound Creators

If you aren’t able to attend lessons in person, you want the best possible virtual lessons. Whether you are just starting your musical journey or you are taking it to new heights. We offer a cutting edge, high definition, virtual experience. Every music lesson at Silversound Guitar is made just for you. We have the highest quality production for you to optimize your learning experience.

Silversound Guitar offers group jam classes. Our classes are small groups of 4-8 students who are around the same age and skill level. These classes are designed to get students playing with other musicians in a positive group environment. Audition and non audition classes are available. Performances happen 3 times per year!

Making sure you understand how to set up audio, video, lights, and cameras is huge. While you can focus on one of these topics we can help save you time by giving you the best starter to advanced lessons on basic set up through full productions. Let us help you make that leap to start your streaming or video projects. We offer special classes and lessons to assist content creators on Youtube and Twitch.

Silversound Guitar is the number one spot as a musician to work on community networking. We also offer live streaming setup, performance, rehearsal, and recording. We are here to give you an honest direction and feedback that most live performers and bands need. Take your band to the next level with Silversound!

Silversound Virtual Lessons

You don’t live in Colorado? We also offer custom virtual lessons tailored to your needs. Our professional instructors use only the highest quality video and audio while which gives you the best session possible. Let us help you make progress now.

Come experience the most unique and engaging environment for music lessons in Colorado Springs. Join our community of musicians ready to help get you to your goals. Set up your free lesson today.

Whether you’re finally starting to track that idea you’ve always wanted to take, or getting the band in for a professional session, we are here for you.

Taught by our professional instructors we use only the highest quality video and audio while using multiple angles to give you the best session possible.

Silversound Guitar offers a complimentary service for all of our monthly members of our music lessons! These include guitar tips, tutorials, and online videos!

Jon Gillin

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are highly trained and sought after. With years of experience and also being university trained, we still haven’t forgotten our roots.

We invest in our students

To each student and each lesson, we focus on what makes them unique and what they want to learn. Sign up at Silversound Guitar and experience music lessons and performance like nothing you have ever seen!

Silversound Guitar Packs

Player Package

  • 4 Pack 30 min Lessons $99
  • 4 Pack 60 min Lessons $178

Deluxe Package

  • 4 Pack 30 min Lesson + Jam Classes $144
  • 4 Pack 60 min Lesson + Jam Classes $223

Custom Elite Package

  • 4 Pack 30 min Lesson + Jam + Master Classes $174
  • 4 Pack 60 min Lesson + Jam + Master Classes $253

Studio Elite Package

$289-3683 mo. contract
  • 4 Pack 30 min Lesson + Jam + Master Classes Recording Package $390
  • 4 Pack 60 min Lesson + Jam + Master Classes Recording Package $450

Add Ons

$5-130with package purchase
  • Studio Time $45
  • Master Classes $20 Each

Buy Any Package Now!

Silversound Guitar

Silversound Guitar offers a complimentary service for all of our monthly members of our music lessons! These include guitar, bass, piano, voice, ukulele, audio engineering, music theory tips, tutorials, student portal, and online videos!

Silversound Corner

Guitar Maintenance and Accessories

Silversound Guitar offers basic guitar setup, restring, and repair work, as well as a variety of guitar and drum related accessories ranging from strings, picks, drum pads, sticks, and tuners.


We want to help you learn in the best way possible. We offer affordable lessons and flexible options for our clients. This includes family and multiple lesson discounts.


Monday – Saturday

10:00am – 9:00 pm

Contact us at 719-351-6566 to set up a walk-through of our facility!


We have a custom innovative policy regarding cancellations. Here at Silversound Guitar we totally understand how busy life is! When you sign up with lessons with us and cannot make it, we offer alternative options to fit within the month for either on the go make ups, or back in studio lessons! Make sure to give us a 24 hour notice to make sure you are not charged for the session! *While there are no sign up or cancellation fees, if you wish to discontinue your lessons before your lesson package is completed, your lessons will not be refunded.

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