Humble Beginnings in Music

At Silversound Guitar we are all about working with the community in and around Colorado Springs. For us this means connecting with local artists (like the art work we have around the studio), local business, and of course local musicians, being engaged in local media like the feature we had in the Colorado Springs Independent. We have close connections with many of the great musical minds in town and are working on bringing them into the studio. We will be offering master class sessions beginning this summer. This will include talks on performance, venues, pro-audio, recording and much more.

When Jon and Mark started Silversound Guitar the vision was so much more than a place to take guitar lessons. It wasn’t even to be the best place to take Music Lessons in Colorado Springs. As natives to the area, both Jon and Mark graduated high school and were part of the local music scene. As they developed their skills, they realized that what was really missing wasn’t just a fresh approach to teaching music. What Mark and Jon wanted to see was a community around learning music.

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Building Community In Colorado Springs

One thing that seemed to be the case, while growing up in Colorado Springs, was a lack of opportunity to build a vibrant music scene that was multifaceted and dynamic. Mark and Jon saw the chance to create this environment around education. It was the interest in sharing their knowledge and the ins and outs of music with others, while creating friendships with like minded individuals that spawned the idea of creating Silversound Guitar.

Colorado Springs has grown as a city tremendously in the last twenty years and the scope of the music scene has changed a lot. Musicians that left here for Nashville, New York or LA have come back. Others have formed bands, toured, recorded and produced and came back. There’s a charm and a magic to the good old Springs. But with the experience that is now present here there is a need to pool the resources and build a bigger more community driven music culture. At Silversound Guitar we are in the middle of facilitating this because it has been the dream of a couple of kids from the Springs to see other musicians come up and succeed.

Community Sessions This Summer

So while Silversound Guitar is still focused on providing the best drum lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons and more, our goal to create a more indepth community has never gone away. Since we have already started working with the Military Arts Connection, we are eager to expand our community involvement. Our summer sessions are looking to start on the last week of July 2021. And we have a huge list of local musicians that we want to come out and share their insights in the music business. One of our favorites, Kevin Rodela will talk about instrument care, performing and building a business around music. Wayne Hammerstadt, a local guitarist has made a living performing and teaching for over 30 years. Brandon Po and the crew from the Black Sheep, will be by to talk about preparing for a gig, what goes into live stage setup and sound. And there are many more!

We are thrilled to be offering this chance to engage the community on another level. Make sure to check out facebook, instagram and youtube channels for more information as that comes

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