Military Arts Connection & Silversound Guitar

Silversound Guitar is aware of the active, retired and discharged military members within our community. Which is why we are excited to be partnering with the Military Arts Connection. The Military Arts Connection is “an online resource that connects military service members, veterans and their families to a wide variety of local arts enrichment experiences and is about leveraging the power of the arts to help create stronger community connections, learn new skills, and enable our local military service members, veterans and their families to unleash their inner creativity an online resource that connects military service members, veterans and their families to a wide variety of local arts enrichment experiences.” It is effectively a partnership between artists, the military community, our city of Colorado Springs and even the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to foster more connections between all of these groups and create new economic and artistic opportunities. 

How the Military Gives to Colorado Springs

Living in Colorado Springs, it’s impossible to not be aware of the military community. They form such an integral part of the commerce in this town. I don’t mean just as patrons, or the impact they have on real estate. Many veterans return to Colorado Springs to live and start their own businesses. For example, The Warner Group is a one stop shop real estate firm. Many of the breweries in town including Red Leg Brewing, and Deuces Wild are veteran owned and/or operated. Building 3 Coffee is a veteran owned coffee shop and roastery. These are just a handful of companies in the Pikes Peak region that have helped to better their communities.

When it comes to improving their communities, Building 3 has been a part of the Lincoln School project. It is a renovated an old school that has brought new economic life and opportunity to an area that needed it. It has combined new small businesses, with arts and passion right in the heart of Colorado Springs. These veteran owned business are very conscientious about serving and giving back to the community they are involved in.

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At Silversound Guitar, we want to connect with military community which is so integral to the heart of Colorado Springs. Which is why working with the Military Arts Connection is an important part of what we are doing here. The  Military Arts Connection partners with the various Veteran’s Service centers throughout Colorado to provide these artistic opportunities. This allows them to find the right music lessons and make the right connections. At Silversound Guitar we are proud to be part of this partnership. Because many of us have these personal connections with members of the armed services, we are excited to be able to work with an organization that is serving our military community. 

Building Musical Connections

We realize that being in the military presents certain challenges that civilians aren’t entirely aware of. The Military Arts Connection offers specific training and support for artists and musicians. Which allows for us to begin to understand the differences and make connections through art and music. One of their stated goals is to “provide cultural competency training for community artists who provide services to local military and veteran populations.” It is important for artists, and teachers, to consider the background and experiences of our students. The training through the Military Arts Connection helps to provide this context. Additionally, it brings the understanding that art, and music offer a place for connection, challenge and personal improvement. 

At Silversound Guitar we offer an experience that is more than just a music lesson, but it’s an opportunity for personal growth, exploring creativity and of course having fun. We want it to be a place for families and individuals to explore a new form of artistic expression through music. The Military Arts Connection allows military members and their families to try out a variety of experiences and our hope is that through music we can make more connections.

What we love about music is the ability to bring people together, share new experiences, and grow in a new and exciting skill. The thrill of seeing a student progress is one of my favorite things about teaching the guitar lessons. As artists, and music teachers here at Silversound Guitar, we see the importance of giving back to the community and helping to build connections across all walks of life and that is why we are excited to be doing more with the Military Arts Connection. 

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