Now more than ever, more of life is being done virtually. Even as the pandemic starts to wind down, we are facing new challenges in how we live our lives. More and more of what we do is online: from work, to meetings, finding activities and shopping. Because of this, life hasn’t returned to normal yet for most of us. At Silversound Guitar we have had to make some adjustments as well, including a transition to virtual lessons. We are so grateful for our clients and friends that have helped us through this time. While we hope to open the studio back up soon we want to let current and prospective clients know that, as always, we offer a great experience along with the tools to help you succeed musically. 

At Silversound Guitar we have offered an online lesson opportunity since we opened. It gives us experience in what works and what doesn’t and how we can give the best lesson possible for the student. We make sure that each of our teachers goes through the Silversound virtual teacher process. We ensure our teachers have the right equipment, technology and know-how in order to bring you the best musical experience right from your own home. So, that even during quarantine you can keep making progress with your lessons and improving your musical skills. 

Online Lessons

Online guitar lessons are different from an in person lesson, but that doesn’t mean these aren’t personal. Unlike standard YouTube lessons, A virtual lesson with Silversound Guitar gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your teacher, ask questions, and help plan a path for you to succeed. Certainly, when you are self motivated, it is easier to learn. But, sometimes having a teacher who can offer a word of advice or encouragement goes a long way to helping you to continue to improve.

These online lessons are part of our virtual experience. The whole goal is to have someone on hand who is able to help you learn, correct bad habits and get you where you want to be.

Video Lessons

If a live virtual lesson is not your preference we can still offer personalized video for you. This is unique in Colorado Springs to Silversound guitar. We deliver quality video content that is specific to where you are with your teacher and what you want to work on next. Your video lesson will be geared towards something that you are working on. You will also have private access to it from our student portal

But for our members we don’t stop there. Our online community and student portal also gives you complete access to all of our original content. We understand that schedules can be tricky to juggle at the moment, this is why we offer different options.

And Much More

The more resources you have at your finger tips the more likely you are going to be able succeed. That is why we offer streaming and on demand video content for our students free of charge. We are doing everything to bring you the best possible music experience into your home.

So, while we don’t know what the next year will bring, you can be sure that no matter what we are hear to help you improve your music. Whether that’s through guitar lessons, drums lessons, recording, engineering, voice lessons, ukulele lessons, bass lessons, or piano lessons we have you covered, virtually or in person.

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