Teaching music lessons has changed. Lessons used to be confined to a whitewashed room or a piano lessons in a neighbor’s house. These sorts of lessons meant that you simply received whatever passed on knowledge they had received from their teachers. And while this isn’t bad, we now live with an abundance or resources. We have access to all kinds of videos, articles and lesson possibilities. You can learn to record, to mix and master, to produce, to play guitar, bass, drums or even get vocal lessons online.

Of course Youtube is one of the key resources for all of your lesson needs (that’s a picture of me from a Youtube video I did). There are so many great videos on learning instruments and how to play songs. As I stated in my last blog, I have learned a lot from following a handful of very skilled and knowledgeable Youtube guitarists. But not every guitarist on Youtube is going to be that and just because they have tens of thousands of subscribers doesn’t mean they will be able to help you. Because of this, I give you 3 more reasons why an in person lesson are better than Youtube alone.  


As I stated if you are trying to learn guitar or any other instrument from just Youtube videos you will very quickly find it difficult to advance to where you want to be. Learning is journey and we all need someone to help point the way and guide us to that goal. A teacher invested in your personal goals will be able to direct you in how to achieve them.

Guided lessons means that you are able to make steady progress with your instrument. Online videos might have some great exercises, tutorials and songs. However, having a music teacher who has been where you are and can help you navigate the wealth of material that is out there to maximize your learning experience and results is the key to success.  

In every one of my lessons I put myself in the place of the student and remember what it was like to be first learning guitar. I remember the moments where I thought it was impossible to get my fingers to move the way I wanted. Or to learn a song I had been trying to learn for ages. I remember the struggle and I remember how to get past those struggles.  All of our teachers here at Silversound Guitar , whether it is bass lessons, drums, voice, piano, guitar – or any other instrument, we have all been there and know what it takes to break through that wall.

Playing Music With People at a Studio

A key component in all of our lessons here is playing with other people. Whether that is in jam classes or just in your weekly session with the teacher, learning to play music with other people is a huge part of what we do at Silversound Guitar.  

One of the things we see as a local studio in Colorado Springs, is that we have students from all over the city. Kids that would go to one high school in the Rockrimmon area and others in the Briargate area might never meet because they go to different schools and in some cases might even be in different school districts. We offer jam classes that connect people with music from all parts of Colorado Springs and all walks of life.

What this does is increase your exposure to new musical ideas and fosters a learning environment that helps you to get better not just as say a guitar player, a drummer, a bassist, or whatever your instrument may be, but improve your skills as an overall musician.

Music is about creating community, and I am all in favor of fostering creative and encouraging online music communities. Mark Young’s  band Delvr has done just that. But, meeting and playing with people in person can be transformative.

Gaining Outside Input

As I said, playing music with someone opens you up to new ideas. It also provides you with some outside input. This sort of ties all the other stuff we have talked about together. Taking music lessons in an encouraging environment around other students, with an engaging teacher places you in the best possible place to learn. This is because it is a dynamic learning space. Your teacher is able to give you feedback, correct bad habits, encourage you to move forward and play with other people. This puts you on a path to success.

Your teacher is able to hear and see immediately what you are playing and help you to make adjustments. One of the biggest things I see in my students is right hand control. Your right hand in guitar determines all of your dynamics and tone. This is especially true for acoustic and classical playing, but is still the case for electric guitar. A major influence on this for me was reading and watching Steve Vai , but also, my teachers. Before I went to the University of Colorado, I had teacher who pointed out pick control and dynamics. Then, in college, Colin Mcallister  showed me the importance of control of individual fingers to make all the voices sound as they should.

I can speak from experience, taking lessons in a place that encourages collaboration, community and a healthy exchange of musical ideas is invaluable to any growing musician, whatever age you may be. This is what’s known as interactive learning and it has been shown to double your knowledge retention.

Music Lessons in Colorado Springs

Whether it is a different set of ears, a community of musicians, guided and progressive lessons meeting a teacher in person is always better than simply relying on Youtube or impersonal lesson programs and videos. Come visit us at SilverSound Guitar for all of your needs for music lessons in Colorado Springs.

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